Coming back to Slovenia after five years felt very natural and did not feel as though it was forced. Maybe you have experienced such emotion as well and know exactly how it feels when you arrive home. But it was not long after when we finally felt at home for the first time in our lives. It was the time when we found this beautiful wooden house in the middle of the pristine wilderness with an astonishing forest covering the area.

The house one and a half year ago.

It almost felt like a fairytale moment, something you see in the magazines when you are searching for that ray of light in the middle of a desperate day, week, month, or even a year. It was that type of sensation.

“ It was love at first sight, and being love at first sight, it was also a bit naive.

And isn’t naiveness beautiful? It helps you to ground yourself and start correcting the mistakes without avoiding them. Regardless of such naiveness, we felt like we had come home, and being home is where your heart is. How can that get any better?


We were not sure we had ever experienced it. It was like…. trying the icing on the cake, knowing that the filling would be bomb just by having the crust. It was like seeing the surface of snowy fields and knowing that by stepping on them you would make this beautiful winterish sound that water makes only that time of the year. It was a feeling of total connection with the place you had never visited before and that is the power of nature. That is the most human feeling of belonging to a place you feel connected to. That is the power of our evolutionary ancestry.

A glimpse of the house today.

I know by heart you can achieve it too

It took us five years to bring this feeling into existence, five years to see what can make a person see themselves for what we are. 

“ It was the sensation of the beautiful unknown that makes you feel alive! “

I know how hard it is to make something real. To be brave and hard on yourself. To recognize what you want in life. To know you have done everything that you could to get there. 

But let me tell you a secret. It is possible! 

It is possible to be who you are in connection to nature. You just have to let it in, with all the ups and downs, because they make us human, and they make us resilient.

This blog documents our journey of being resilient and stubborn. It provides an insight into how a person can positively change their attitude towards lifestyle, life choices, and above all, the peace of living, just by moving to the countryside, near the non-judgemental nature.

I hope you will find our story interesting and our journey educational. We know the power of communicating and sharing experiences with people, helping, and sharing our stories. Everybody has something to tell. We just happen to write it here.

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With kindest and warmest regards,

yours truly,

Eva and Aljaž