Have you ever had that tingling sensation in your chest when you dreamt about living in a house in the woods? Did it leave a feeling of belonging to something even though you have not experienced it? That is what happened to us.

There was a feeling deep inside both of us for a long time that we needed to change. 

“And change is always good.“

We are Eva and Aljaž, video artists by day, and adventurous DIY renovators by night. We have always been interested in nature, forests, the seasons, permaculture, and above all, natural materials. You could say we had always known that we were going to overturn our ways of living and move from the urban setting into a completely different environment. 

The feeling had always been there, lurking behind the corner, waiting for us to set it free.

Living and studying abroad in Finland and the Netherlands for five years, overstimulated by the city life without the real connection to nature, brought new perspectives on our lifestyles and ways on how we were spending our (precious) time. Obsessed with consumption, living faster and faster, getting so much information at once, always being available, and having no quiet moments. 

I know you know what I am talking about. Everybody has been there. Everybody knows what impulse exhaustion means. We are just too blinded to see.

We had started to ask ourselves if we wanted to spend the rest of our lives in the concrete jungle. The answer was loud and clear. It could not be a more powerful no.

So we packed our stuff, picked the things we cared for, objects that traveled through different countries to get where they were now, only to find out that they were traveling back home. Funny how things work sometimes. You try so hard to move something away just to realize it will always follow you back.

We filled the car with everything we had, took a long liberating deep breath, and just drove back to Slovenia.

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With kindest and warmest regards,

yours truly,

Eva and Aljaž